Regreening Africa’s goal in Ghana is to create a sustained approach to reversing land degradation and integrating food production through agroforestry. Regreening Africa addresses pressing challenges in Ghana’s savannas: extreme and prolonged dry seasons, overgrazing, uncontrolled fire, declining tree cover, loss of indigenous biodiversity and increased soil infertility.


Regreening Targets

80,000 hectares
40,000 households


Upper East Region: Bwaku West and Garu Tempane districts

Northern Region: Mion District


World Vision Ghana

Catholic Relief Services


National and local governments

Approaches to reversing land degradation

Level 1: Direct interventions with the communities in three districts

  • Introducing farmer-managed natural regeneration to farmers and communities
  • Training of leading farmers, peer-to-peer farmers and farmers’ groups to champion expanding the scale of farmer-managed natural regeneration and other agroforestry practices

Level 2: Interactions with policy makers through multi-stakeholder campaigns and advocacy strategies

  • Local champions and community leaders lead the process of communicating the benefits to policy makers to encourage expanding the scale
  • National-level multi-stakeholder workshops through the SHARED process to influence policies and practices in favour of land restoration.

Project Sites

  • Bwaku West District
  • Garu-Tempane District
  • Mion District

Expected Impact

  • Improved livelihoods, food security, and resilience to climate change
  • Restored ecosystem services, particularly, through sustainable land management
  • 90,000 households supported with viable and inclusive regreening options
  • New evidence on the effectiveness of regreening generated to inform policy and practice
  • Farmers, governments and civil society organizations equipped with new knowledge, skills, tools and resources to support regreening
  • Regreening successes compiled and communicated to policy makers, governments and others

Contact Details

World Vision (WV)
Edward Akunyagra
Project Manager

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
Mawuli Asigbee
Project Manager


World Agroforestry Centre
Emilie Smith
Country Manager