Regreening Africa is an ambitious five-year project that seeks to reverse land degradation among 500,000 households, and across one million hectares in eight countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. By incorporating trees into croplands, communal lands and pastoral areas, regreening efforts make it possible to reclaim Africa’s degraded landscapes.

How Regreening Works

The Cost of Inaction

Globally, the annual cost of land degradation is estimated to be US$ 40 billion due to lost productivity and collapsed ecosystems. Land degradation, along with land use change, deforestation and forest degradation, represents 24% of all greenhouse gas emissions, making them the primary source of emissions in many African countries.

Regreening Africa Vision

To mobilize and work with a critical mass of diverse partners to scale up locally-appropriate ways of integrating trees into agricultural systems to successfully reverse land degradation across Africa.

Project Objectives

The Regreening Africa project will be implemented over the course of five years, from September 2017 to September 2022. The project’s activities are structured into three objectives:

Our Unique Approach Ensures

  • Research is embedded within development to ensure rapid and iterative learning and improvement
  • Leveraging the networks and experience of NGOs and other partner institution to accelerate scaling
  • Establishing the project as a teaching and learning exercise for actors and stakeholders through the Design, Techniques and Implementation (DTI) component
  • Creative communications to share evidence and accelerate the scaling up process
  • Data analytics and surveillance of land degradation dynamics to support decision-making
  • Active engagement in monitoring, evaluation and learning to generate evidence on impacts and inform decisions
  • Use of Stakeholder Approach to Risk-Informed and Evidence-Based Decision-Making (SHARED) for multi-stakeholder engagement and policy influencing

Our Unique Approach Ensures

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